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Private Property Towing

Are neighboring residents using your parking lot without permission?

Does your property get abused with fire lane and handicap spot abuse?

Are any neighboring businesses taking up parking space on your property, which subjects you to limited parking for your customers?

Has your parking been abused following the aggressive parking meter system implemented by the City of Chicago?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help!
Are abandoned vehicles making their way onto your property?

Our relocation towing services come at NO cost to owners / property managers.

Our signage, maintenance and permits are all FREE of charge. The vehicle’s owner is responsible for the towing fees associated with this service.

Stop dealing with parking nightmares – one call is all it takes to get unauthorized vehicles legally removed from your parking areas.

To establish an account, please contact (312) 626-2711

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What We Can Manage:

Managed properties
Condo buildings
Commercial properties / businesses
Vacant lots

Problems We Solve:
Permit parking lots
Illegally parked vehicles
Unauthorized parking
Illegal use of fire lane and handicap space
Abandoned vehicle removal
Blocked dumpsters, driveways, and exits